Space: The New Frontier for Everyone.

We believe in the potential and realizing the exciting opportunities for an industry that will be worth at least $1 trillion by 2040.

About Us

Project Cyclotron is a unique founder-friendly, venture building programme that invests in and supports the most innovative space and deep tech startups, gearing them for commercial success, and placing them on a curated global platform. We believe in value creation by providing access to funds, industry technologists, assistance to expand in Singapore and our network. 

Space is a niche industry undergoing rapid democratisation and garnering traction amongst investors. Project Cyclotron puts together the best – technology experts to identify the disruptors, a network of global space industry players to realise innovations, and investors to recognise value.


Project Cyclotron is dedicated to the active dynamic management of SpaceTech companies. We want to give great innovators the chance to become real businesses.

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Mr. Chng Zhen Hao,
CEO, Cap Vista Pte Ltd

“Space is a niche sector with immense market potential, and there needs to be a focused and deliberate effort to support SpaceTech companies in this area. We look forward to seeing these companies achieve their moonshots in the near future,”

Ms. Lynette Tan
Chief Executive, SSTL

“Project Cyclotron is a unique programme with experts who provide insights, skillsets and resources. Together, we establish a highly curated platform. It provides connectivity to corporates, giving the industry access to innovation that is tested and reliable.”